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Premium Doctor Jobs in India

PACE Consultant is a Premium Doctor Job in India, and is one of the most respected professions in the world. A doctor not only saves the life of the patients but also gives them the confidence to live healthily. Providing jobs to a doctor is one of the hardest work and a team of professionals is required to do so. There are many other challenges but permanent staffing in the healthcare industry is the biggest challenge.

As a recruitment agency in the healthcare industry, we are always there for recruiters looking for a professional and a specialist doctor. 

How can we help as a recruiter?

The Healthcare industry is one of the most important and innovative businesses in the current era. Recruiters are always in search of specialists and other staff members for the smooth functioning of the hospital.

We can help you in many ways as listed below:

  • Telephonic/Formal interview
  • Technical round with experts
  • Recruitment procedure

By following this, we always get positive feedback from the candidates.

Recruitment through various channels – We cannot rely on one channel for recruitment but use various online platforms to recruit the best doctor Our pan-India partnership makes us the most reliable recruitment agency in India.

Formal Documentation – To decrease headhunting, we do proper documentation. It is most important to keep the staff connected with the organization. Sometimes, other hospitals approach the doctors directly and ask for a hike or job change. Our documentation helps the recruiters in these scenarios, and terms and conditions help the recruiter to feel safe and satisfied. Our contract, with the recruiter, helps to provide a new candidate with no extra cost (If the candidate leaves within 3 months after joining). We also help to verify the educational documents and go through the profile thoroughly provided by the candidate. We are having policies for the replacement of candidates.

Tactful analysis and selection – We tactfully analyze the position in the healthcare industry and then place the candidate. We work for the right person at the right place. Our recruitment professionals are always ready to cope with the challenges that arise during the selection process.

How can we help the candidate?

Our prime focus is to provide ease to the candidate who is going to join the healthcare industry. We are the best recruitment consultants for doctors because of the following three reasons:

Dedicated Recruitment Associate – After getting your application for the desired position, we provide a dedicated recruitment associate to you. They will share the contact details (E-mail ID, Mobile No. & other contact information to be in touch. He/she will work to support you in finding the desired job.


Legal formalities – Finding your job is our responsibility and more than this finding a secured job is a must. We are having proper legal formalities with the hospitals so that your job is secured. Once you are hired means you are hired. No one can take your position until you agree. We make the recruitment process smoother and more secure for the candidates.


Get placed at no cost – The most important thing for recruitment through us is that we charge nothing for our services to the doctors or other medical staff.

Our vision is to make the recruitment process streamlined by following a hassle-free documentation process along with the lining up of interviews and our mission is to fulfill the needs of the healthcare industry by providing them with professional consultants/ doctors/ surgeons or specialists.

We want to be a one-stop solution center for both doctors and hospitals.

Leave the recruitment cycle to us. Do not hire teams and put pressure on other divisions.

  • Get highly credible, valuable, and optimized assistance.
  • Get comprehensive services that help you to regulate the recruitment process easier across all levels
  • Our experienced and industry-focused team is always ready for support.
  • Face no uncertainties in the hospital staffing.


We also provide all kinds of hiring like permanent staffing, contractual staffing, remote staffing, locum tenens, or even per diem.

What exactly do you need to do as a recruiter? As a recruiter or recruitment professional, you need to send us the following requirements:


  • Vacant Position for a doctor/specialist/surgeon in your hospital
  • What type of hiring are you going for? Permanent/ Contractual/ Remote
  • The qualification you are looking for is the package you are going to offer (Min. – Max.)
  • The number of years of experience you need a doctor must have.
  • Any other special requirements like certifications, licenses, training, etc.