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We started our operations in 2011 with the crystal clear objective to bridge the gap of requirement of doctors in renowned hospitals PAN India. As one of the leading medical recruitment agency in Punjab, we understand the requirement of a suitable candidate for the esteem growth of your healthcare organization. So, we not only make the entire recruitment process easy for your esteemed institution but also find the perfect match to fit the vacant position available.

Our team of professional doctor job consultants filters out the perfect match from thousands of options. They work together with the most effective cost and time-preserving methods to save from the hassle of the entire recruitment process. We have a laser-sharp focus on aligning the right candidate as per the precise requirements of the hospitals.

Healthcare Recruitment Agencies in Punjab

We are recognized as the most trusted Healthcare Recruitment Consultancy in Punjab. We are operating in almost all regions of North India including Punjab which allows us to have an edge and upper hand while providing recruitment services in your preferred region.

Our experience of more than 13 years and endless learning puts PACE in a position to understand the ins and outs of the healthcare industry deeply and thoroughly, providing top-notch services and making Doctor Job Placement in Punjab an easy task for you.

Doctor Recruitment Agencies in Punjab

Fast Hiring Process

We know you’re more than your job. We match candidates to their perfect lifestyle, career, and personal fulfillment opportunities, not just to jobs.


Our passionate, highly-skilled team – has an incomparable depth of knowledge of the healthcare industry


Local & Remote

We’re not a typical recruitment agency, we take pride in thinking outside the box to find great opportunities you might not have considered.


13+ Years of Experience

We do the leg work so you don’t have to, we search our extensive networks to make your perfect work-life opportunity happen.

Why do you need a Medical recruitment agency in Punjab?

Finding a suitable candidate – Doctor Placement agencies in Punjab understand the importance of finding the right candidate to help your esteemed medical organization grow and thrive more. So we find the most eligible healthcare professional to help you fulfil your goal.

Time Effective – Finding the perfect recruitment could take a lot of time, as you have to find, interview, and hire the perfect practioner. With the help of a healthcare recruitment agency, you can save a lot of time.

Cost-effective – Working with a healthcare recruitment agency could also save a lot of money on the hiring process including HR and marketing.

Vast options – To find the eligible match could take weeks, even months. With the help of Doctor Recruitment Agencies in Punjab, months of work could be done in weeks, and weeks of work could be done in days. They have a lot of options to choose from. They have all the data in their database to easily find the perfect match.

Say goodbye to the hassle of recruitment or job-hunting with PACE

Cultivating long-term connections among healthcare practitioners and medical institutions

What makes us the best option?

Speedy Hiring Process:- We understand the importance of getting the right doctor at the right time. So, we align the perfect candidates with the hospitals.

Industry Expertise:- Our experts have in-depth knowledge of the effective recruitment process.

400+ Tie-ups:- PACE has gained the trust and faith of the most reputed healthcare institutions.

13+ Years of Experience:- With years of experience we have become the most trusted healthcare recruitment agency.

1000+ Promises Delivered:- Medical professionals have been placed under our mentorship.

So as you can see, how healthcare recruitment agencies in Punjab can help you find the right candidate for you. So there is no need to get into the time-consuming hassle of the recruitment process. Just get in touch with us and say goodbye to the worries of hiring the perfect healthcare professional for your institution.

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