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The Complete Guide to Becoming a General Physician

Pursuing a career as a doctor is always challenging. A lot many years of studies and practice make it more difficult. A doctor has to study the Anatomy of the human body along with the diseases and treatments.


The difficult medical terminology and vocabulary are hard to remember. The level of examination is tough to withstand. Above all, the cost of degrees is also very high. Once you have completed the degrees and conquered the challenges, the result is worth it.

After completing an MBBS, there are many options. You can do MS or MD. If you want to be a general physician, you need to choose MD. These days, there is a great demand for general physicians in all general hospitals (single-specialty), primary healthcare centers, clinics, dispensaries, and multi-specialty hospitals. After seeing a high demand for general physicians in many multi-specialty hospitals, we come up with this article which will tell you how to become a general physician.

If you want to be a general physician, here is the complete step-by-step guide to becoming an expert physician in India.

  • You need a lot of determination and passion to pursue a career as a physician at your secondary school level.
  • You need to opt for the Medical stream (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) in your 12th class. You must pass it with an aggregate of 50% from a recognized board.
  • You need to take the NEET UG exam with a good rank or score.
  • You must be admitted for an MBBS degree from a recognized medical school for 4 years.
  • After MBBS, the next step is to go for an internship as a general physician for at least 1 year.
  • Continued training for at least 3 years can be a better option.
  • After your training or during the training period, you can prepare for the entrance exam for a master’s degree. A Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree will typically take you on the path of being a physician.
  • You must apply for a license before starting your practice. Under the medical laws of the Government of India, it is mandatory to have a registration license under the Medical Council of India.

After getting your license, you can open your clinic, but it would be better if you take some experience in some super multi-specialty hospitals or any healthcare industry. Government services are also available after MD. You can be a part of military service too. Private hospitals are also investing in specialist doctors for the primary care of their parents. A general physician ensures that the patients are physically and mentally healthy. The physician refers the patients to other specialists for specific conditions.


A general physician is the one whom every patient calls for their minor or major health problems. These are also regarded as family doctors.