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100 Days Fitness Challenge

The “100-Day Fitness Challenge” was introduced by Deepak Thakur, our Founder. The idea and motto behind this Fitness Challenge is “Fit Hai Hum To Hit Hai Hum“.


We think initiatives to enhance employee well-being are essential for increasing productivity and improving each employee’s standard of living. Deepak Thakur is always involved in Gym and Fitness activities, so he organized that challenge to fit the environment. This fitness challenge’s primary goal is to break up the monotony and boredom of everyday life by encouraging participants to move outside their comfort zones and take on new challenges that will keep them active.


In this challenge, “Fit Hai Hum To Hit Hai Hum’ the participants can do varied activities such as walking, running, cycling, swimming, strength training, yoga, Zumba, aerobics, or even play a sport such as badminton or tennis. “The need to clock in their activities through an app. The idea is to be consistent with some form of physical activity and not merely to get into good shape as a resolution. We want people to embrace a healthier life as a whole, alongside achieving personal fitness goals. Additionally, we will be awarding the top-scoring participants trophies, medals, and interesting gifts,” says Fitness enthusiast Deepak Thakur.


The participants carve out time from their regular schedules to actively participate in this fitness challenge by engaging in various fitness activities. 100-day fitness challenge, according to us, will be exciting and beneficial to employees’ motivation and physical fitness. Everyone needs to engage in some form of fitness to live a long and healthy life. Corporate sector life is quite hectic: thus, everyone needs to organize these enjoyable yet demanding challenges to make it more exciting and to foster a positive environment around them.