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Lohri Celebration at PACE

To begin with, Lohri is traditionally associated with the harvest of crops in Punjab. It is also celebrated to mark the end of the peak winter season across the country’s northern belt. Coming together to sing and dance to tunes of Lohri songs in front of a crackling fire – that’s how we celebrated Lohri at the office.


The preparations for Lohri began in the morning. As it is the festival to spread the warmth of love and happiness among all employees in the crisp, cool air, arrangements were made for a massive bonfire and Dhol.

At PACE, we have employees from all over India, and it was a great pleasure to see everyone wearing Punjabi ethnic dress; that said, it has brought cultural vibes to the office. Finally, with the sun setting, a bonfire was lit, and all employees gathered around to offer prayers by throwing til, popcorns, and puffed rice into the flames and then distributing them among all.

Celebrations continued with great enthusiasm and fun. Everyone get-together to sing folk songs and perform Bhangra/Gidda to the beats of Dhol. The day ended with great Lohri snacks; delicious dishes have been curated on the menu to celebrate this festival. Eating together with the team was fun. “The Lohri celebrations with music, dance, Dhol, and a bonfire were fun.