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Medical Recruitment Agencies in Madhya Pradesh

Pacific Asia Consulting Expertise (PACE) is a well-known healthcare recruitment agency in Madhya Pradesh with PAN India tie-ups and good relations. We are stretching our branches in every direction.

We set foot in the market in 2011 to close the gap between the hospitals looking out for specific doctors and doctors looking out for great opportunities for Doctor Recruitment Agencies in Madhya Pradesh.

Our approach to work, or call it our motto, has remained unchanged since we started. We do not just fill vacant positions, we headhunt and acquire the appropriate talent to fulfill the recruiter’s needs and special requirements they may have.

As one of the Healthcare Recruitment Agencies in Madhya Pradesh, we are dedicated to helping you succeed by offering expert guidance and placement opportunities.

Our team of experienced and professional HR associates goes above and beyond to ensure that the recruitment process is streamlined and cost-effective for you. You can rely on us to provide exceptional healthcare recruitment services for your esteemed organization.

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Medical Recruitment Agencies in Madhya Pradesh

What makes PACE different from the crowd?

At PACE, one of our core foundations is to create Win-Win Situations for both the hospital and the healthcare professional. We segregate interested candidates based on various parameters of our own backed by our experience of more than a decade.

After filtering out, we shortlist the potential candidates who are capable of contributing to the success of the healthcare organization which makes us a good option for Healthcare Job Placement in Madhya Pradesh.

End-to-End Recruitment of Doctors

With the collaboration of PACE, you don’t have to worry about the efficient recruitment of doctors.

At PACE, our team of well-trained doctor job consultants are equipped with complete knowledge of how the title of doctor gets added to someone’s name in simpler words how a doctor becomes a doctor and what procedure a certain type of doctor has to do.

Fast Hiring Process

We know you’re more than your job. We match candidates to their perfect lifestyle, career, and personal fulfillment opportunities, not just to jobs.


Our passionate, highly-skilled team – has an incomparable depth of knowledge of the healthcare industry


Local & Remote

We’re not one of the typical Medical Recruitment Agencies in Madhya Pradesh, we take pride in thinking outside the box to find great opportunities you might not have considered.

13+ Years of Experience

We do the leg work so you don’t have to, we search our extensive networks to make your perfect work-life opportunity happen.

A Glimpse of How We Hire

Vacancy Information:- A client informs us about the vacancies, or the doctors they need, for eg. They need 2 Cardiologists and one nephrologist.

Research Analysis:- Our dedicated team for assigned profiles of doctors starts researching in and out of our resources to find the appropriate candidates as requested.

Filtering Funnel:- After shortlisting the right candidates, our team of HR’s personally has a word with them and cross-checks every minute detail from their qualifications to procedures they can do.

Selection of Candidate:- The candidate is now finalized from our end, as per the earliest time frame allotted by the hospital, we arrange the visit or telephonic interview with the doctor. We have a success rate of 70% as the candidate is passed through various filtering processes of ours and easily gets selected by hospitals.

We Firmly Believe in Long-Term Partnerships

  • In-depth expertise of Medical Industry (13+ years)
  • Known for Super-Fast Hiring 
  • Transparency in our every deal

Say goodbye to the hassle of recruitment with PACE

Cultivating long-term connections among healthcare professionals and medical institutions

Why do you need a Healthcare Recruitment Consultancy in Madhya Pradesh?

  • Vast and widespread network of Doctors from all over India.
  • Ocean-deep database of qualified healthcare professionals saves a lot of time and effort.
  • Consultancies help streamline the hiring process by managing tasks such as candidate sourcing, screening, and initial interviews.
  • Time to fill critical positions shortens, time plays a crucial role in the healthcare industry as staffing shortages can impact patient care and overall efficiency.
  • Doctor Job Placement in Madhya Pradesh keep a check on industry trends, salaries, and other market demands and also reduce the risk of hiring the wrong candidate which becomes way more costly in the long run.
  • The consultancy works closely with the hospital to understand its requirements and culture. This enables us to provide tailored solutions and identify candidates who not only possess the required skills but also align with the hospital’s values and mission.
  • Working with the Doctor Placement agencies in Madhya Pradesh could save you a lot of time and money you have to spend on human resources, marketing, or recruitment processes that include hiring, screening, and onboarding.

In summary, a healthcare recruitment consultancy acts as a strategic partner for hospitals, assisting in the efficient and effective recruitment of healthcare professionals. This collaboration ultimately contributes to the delivery of high-quality patient care and the overall success of the healthcare institution.

Question and Answers

Why I need Doctor Recruitment Agencies in Madhya Pradesh for my institute?

Recruitment companies have tie-ups with hospitals. If a doctor wants a job in a metro city or their hometown, they might not have links with hospitals but recruitment agencies do and help them.

Which is one of the best Healthcare Recruitment Agencies Madhya Pradesh?

PACE has deep roots in the healthcare industry and great tie ups with well-known hospitals. Doctors can quickly get jobs through us.

How can Medical Recruitment Agencies in Madhya Pradesh can help me to find perfect Doctors for my hospital?

Working with a healthcare recruitment agency could save you a lot of time and money you have to spend on human resources, marketing, or recruitment processes that include hiring, screening, and onboarding.

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